Anna Kern Artist
Where art is concerned there is no limit to my experimentation. I Iove to paint. My studio is my private paradise and constant reminder of my passion for creating art. I paint almost every day and feel cheated if I miss a day. Watercolor, acrylics and oils are my mediums of choice. My love for experimenting with new ideas, techniques and materials define my artistic style. I have a compelling interest in abstraction, bold design and fine detail. I accomplish this with the use of natural fibers, handmade papers, oriental papers and gauzes. I use several different gels and mediums to create texture.
Part of my inspiration comes from the world around us and the many photos I take on my travels. In a city skyline, I see an abstract, in a flower garden I see a multi dimensional painting. Sometimes a simple spontaneous sketch can take me on a creative journey that takes on a life of its own with every brush stroke.
I am filled with a sense of pride and joy when I have completed a painting, but that cannot compare to the ultimate joy I feel when an art lover takes pleasure in my work and appreciates the process I used to accomplish it.